Randygrams are written to help maintain good communications throughout an organization and in particular to foster a strong connection between folks back at HQ and the people in field organizations with whom they unfortunately have too little face time.  They are written to ensure that staff might appreciate that leadership is more than just the source of assignments, performance assessments and authorizations for resources. 

Secondly, they try to provide information to augment specific tasks, data and reports that make up the bulk of information that flows (usually downhill) in any organization. 

Brief and conversational, these insights are broader, more permanent observations about attitude and interpersonal interactions within and between people, organizations and departments which have a role in representing your company to clients, partners, investors, suppliers and people in the community.

Finally, it is hoped that they foster discussion around a common theme within a group or department in order to reinforce that individuals are members of an overall effort and they share responsibility to pay attention to the manner in which they prepare, present and speak to their various audiences.  If they start a conversation between staff members on how to handle, manage or prepare for different situations, only good things can result.

Some topics are specific; some are broader issues that permeate human perception and interaction.  Some are just whimsy.

Randygrams have been conceived, written and created by Randall K. Smith, though he freely acknowledges that material has been gleaned from everything he has ever read, heard or seen.



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