The information you are reading is a direct outgrowth of many discussions held about attempting to improve communication in any organization, but has particular impact where people work remotely and do not see each other often.

Let me remind everyone, however, that communication is only one piece of the puzzle.  As people take stock of the ambitious goals they face and as each person helps develop the organization’s annual plans, all the communication and planning done will have virtually no impact if each person does not take those plans and turn them into productive activity. 

Management will be looking to each department to lead the charge in producing revenue and/or in managing expenses.  That’s OK, it’s what you signed on for and you would not be here if leadership was not highly confident of your ability.  But remember, that you will be evaluated by your accomplishments, not your good intentions. Simply being busy is insufficient. 

Making a sales call is doing something.  Getting a contract signed is action. Attending a meeting or writing an expense report is not.

As Benjamin Franklin observed:  “Never confuse motion with action.”



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