RANDYGRAM – AT THE CORE  At the core of it, your business is a very simple one, whatever you produce.  You provide a useful product or vital service which people are willing to pay for. You need to never lose sight of that, because accomplishing that task consistently better than your competitors do, should guide you in making decisions about what you do each day. Your goal is to ensure that your customers are always delighted and are willing to pay you and your team what it takes to run and grow your company,

There are really only two kinds of management tasks in any company.  Either you are working to bring revenue in or you are spending company funds (prudently) in support of the business.  Every employee is obligated to do both wisely.   

On any given day there are too many tasks, calls, proposals, e-mails, contracts, meetings and projects vying for your attention.  Some are necessary, some can be shrunk and some should be candidates for elimination.  How will you spend your time? What change can you suggest that will give you more time?  During the process of building next year’s budget look for ways to streamline processes and squeeze out savings.

As you prioritize how you and your colleagues will spend resources, you should ask yourselves how closely aligned with, and how much impact each project will have on your core proposition.  Always be curious and try to find or create new revenue opportunities by discovering new customers or encouraging existing customers to buy more. Learn to say “no” to some requests so you can spend more time where it will have the greatest leverage.  And spend money only when there is a clear return.  Consolidating or eliminating administrative or trivial tasks and ignoring activities that may keep you busy, but do not meet the test of relevance will keep you focused on making your business successful. 

Make choices.  Spend your time like it is money.  Save a dollar.  Find a new customer. Close a deal.  Make a difference!


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