RANDYGRAM – VALUE & PRODUCTIVITY   In many of our sales calls we are confronted by demands to offer the very lowest price.  When you hear that request, I suggest that you respond by talking not just about price, but also about value and just as importantly – productivity.  Help your customer understand that they need to take into account the value of their employee’s time as well as the dollar cost of our service.  And explain that because what we offer often takes less time than other choices in air travel, that we are able to increase productivity as well.

Our flights, which feature two-by-two seating throughout the cabin, mean that travelers are much more likely to be able to work or prepare for an important presentation.  And our focus on nonstop flights, compared to the connections required by most carriers, means less elapsed travel time and more opportunity to concentrate on the business at hand.   Further, in markets where our schedule is superior, you should emphasize flight times that provide additional choice and convenience.

Don’t be caught in the trap of only negotiating solely on price.  There is a great deal more to the economic equation.  The serial entrepreneur, Guy Kawasaki, says that value is represented by the aspects of a product that create demand.  Do our customers want and prefer our product?  You bet they do.  And can we charge a premium for the value we have created?  Yes we can.  Your role is to help each customer realize the greatest value for the money they spend.  And to get them to understand that when they use our service, they are directly increasing the productivity of their travelers.

Our value proposition has many superior attributes, and price – while important – is only one aspect.  Sell the benefit of saving time. Sell productivity. Sell value.


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