A little preparation goes a long way.  Sure you have all your figures and data.  But that’s not enough.  It is essential that anyone in sales understand what may be happening on the other side of the table.

Before you visit a prospect or a customer, be sure you know what may be on their mind.  Read the paper or local Business Journal, Google their name or go to their Facebook or LinkedIn profile to see what’s new.  Visit their company’s website.  Check the section with press releases.  Look for big news.  Does their latest earnings report show them to be profitable?  If so perhaps they are expanding.  On your sales call, see if there may be a new plant and therefore new business that may offer you new opportunities.  Are they losing money?  Be sensitive, they may have just received the ‘cut expenses’ memo.

Perhaps your client is hiring or conversely may be facing hiring freezes or even layoffs.  Do they have a new CEO? Have they made a major acquisition or is there a merger in the offing?  Perhaps they are introducing a new product?  These and other newsworthy events may affect your talks and set the stage for new paths for you. 

Oprah says:  “Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.”

It is not just about you. Don’t make a call without being prepared and understanding the perspective of your prospect or client.



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