RANDYGRAM – PERSISTENCE   Good sales people are not shy and they don’t simply go away when they hear “No”.  In sales we understand that we should not accept rejection the first time we hear it.  It is highly likely that it is one or two elements of our proposal that don’t fit.  Find out what they are.

When someone tells us that they “won’t” or “can’t” accept the offer we have made or maybe even grant us an appointment, we should regroup and take stock.  Don’t assume that because one offer has been rejected that all offers will get the same response. 

Try to identify why your prospect said “no”.  What precisely is his or her objection.  Attempt to sniff out what problem they are trying to solve or what opportunity they are trying to exploit.  Then revise your offer to ensure it fits what the prospect is looking for.

It is important to know their priorities.  How do price, value, availability, customization and other features factor into their decision.  And remember that these attributes change over time and change depending on the particular product or service you may be selling.

Perhaps a different approach, a better time or an important revision to your proposition will get a more receptive reaction. Just don’t give up too quickly.  Suggest alternatives; offer to come back at a better time; probe your prospect’s reasons for hesitation..   

Take the toughest opportunities as a personal challenge.  We do need to understand that there is a fine line between being persistent and being an annoying pest and you will have to judge each situation individually, but keep at it and in many cases you will find the right opportunity to present your case.

Don’t let the first “No” be the end of your pursuit.  Be persistent.  There are not an unlimited number of prospects.



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