It is clear that we must often pause and look closely at how we conduct our business and sometimes challenge the status quo in order to thrive.  Redefining the work we do and opening ourselves up to new uses of existing and limited resources is critical.

To personalize this concept, let me recommend an exercise.  We are all creatures of habit to some degree.  Try something new today.  Turn left instead of right on your drive to work.  Read the front page before the sports.  You walk the dog and let someone else take out the trash.  Sit in a different pew in church (near the front this time). Rearrange the furniture.  Call Mom on Thursday instead of Sunday and hear about her week instead of her weekend.  Make waffles for lunch or better yet for dinner.  To quote Frank Sinatra:  “Get out of your hut and get out of that rut!”

A new perspective can be refreshing.  Now begin to apply this behavior to your responsibilities at work.  Try a new solution to an old challenge.  Question why you do, what you do, when you do it. 

Do not assume that the things you do and to whom any particular task or project is assigned is inviolate.  Ask yourself some critical questions:  Is there is a better way? a more efficient process? or are there two functions that could be combined? Why are you making this expenditure?  Are there different assignments of work or reporting relationships that would improve the quality or quantity of work?  Is there a meeting held at the same time every week, because you’ve always had that meeting then? If you were starting the company today would you build the same structures and processes you see in place now?

Take the initiative and get involved in designing and implementing a better company.  Within reason, experiment with alternatives.  Take two steps and one back and acknowledge the progress.  Encourage your peers to be brave and try something new. 

But heed this warning:  Even if your change makes a difference, this process never ends.



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