You do not need to have been a Boy Scout to take this simple advice to heart.  If you are running from one appointment to another or dashing from lunch to a sales call or perhaps chatting on the phone to Mom or a friend about dinner plans five minutes before a presentation you will not be ready for your meeting.  Don’t let this happen.

Occasionally, you may have arrived at a golf course just in time to grab your clubs, shake hands with your foursome and step onto the first tee.  If you are still stewing about the traffic or trying to recall the group that sang that last song on the radio, then I would wager that your first shot was probably not memorable.  But sometimes you get there forty-five minutes early to get relaxed, think about your game and hit the practice range and putting green.  When you do, I imagine that you are usually rewarded with at least a ball that stays in bounds. 

The day before your sales call, review the relevant data about your customer’s performance and opportunities.  Ask yourself:  “What is my objective for this meeting?”  Know whom you are meeting with and remember from past encounters some subject you know they are interested in.  Think back to your most recent session or phone call with them and whether it went well.  Did they ask you to follow-up on some issue?  If so, be sure to have the information with you. 

And as you drive to the appointment, clear your head of other issues, turn off the radio and rehearse the key points you want to make or the questions you need answers to.

Get to the meeting before the meeting.  If you do, I promise you will like the score.



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