We park in a driveway but drive on a parkway?

We buy luggage named after Amelia Earhart, who has been lost since 1937?

People say: “Heads Up!” when they really mean “Duck!”

It is so hard to remember how to spell the word “mnemonic”?

We take “nonstop” flights when we really, really want them to stop at our destination?

Characters in cartoons never change their clothes?

We send letters to people around the world on something called “stationery“?

A “slim chance” and a “fat chance” mean the same thing?

We sit in a waiting room and wait in a sitting room?

The person who asks you to fill “in” a form says:  “Fill it out”?

We call it a “pair” of pants, but there is only one?

The singer Meatloaf is a vegetarian?

We buy a new “phone” and use it for everything but making a call?

Letter grades in school go A, B, C, D, F but there is no E?

The person you trust to invest your money and make you rich is called a “broker”.

There are “interstate” highways in Hawaii?

It is called “quicksand” even though it will kill you. Very.  Slowly.

The gate agent always asks us to get “on” the plane when in fact we prefer to get “in” the plane?

How come?  Don’t ask me, I don’t know!


(h/t to George Carlin for some of these and his ever inquisitive view of the world)


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