Life can sometimes be hazardous to your health.  It also gives one pause to reflect on how often we worry about everything and everyone but ourselves.  Sales is the group rushing from appointment to appointment, yapping on a cell phone and trying to juggle a multitude of ever changing priorities and fast approaching deadlines.  We are forever running for planes, hotel vans and Ubers.

Safety may seem more properly the domain of departments such as Operations, Maintenance and Customer Service, but it is an important responsibility we each have.

I realize we can’t control everything that happens.  But please commit to being good to yourself and to each other.  Slow down just a tad and ensure that you are mindful of the hazards, like drunk or distracted drivers, that are out there.  And by the way, that means that you should also commit to not being one of those distracted drivers.  If you need to take or make a call, pull over.  Don’t take chances or become so obsessed with making a meeting on time that you cut corners.  Eat right, get your rest and take a day off every now and then.    Call home, just to say “Hi”.  Don’t ignore symptoms or put off getting medical help if you need it.  Try to avoid traveling alone at night in unfamiliar towns and be very aware of your surroundings when out of your home territory.  Be especially careful and restrained at functions where adult beverages are served.  Moderation always and abstinence when you are driving are good rules.  And just one drink on an empty stomach can have serious consequences.

Most companies are doing more with fewer people in sales and other functions but none of us can afford to risk our well being.  It is not good for you and it is not good for your employer.  They need you.  Work hard, but be smart and stay healthy.



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