If you are like many people, you have certain routine tasks and small assignments that you do each day.  Answering emails, a quick status update, scheduling a meeting.

But you also have that presentation to create and give, calculations to calculate, big issues to wrestle with and deadlines that loom. Deadlines always loom.

Many of us do the smaller, easier tasks and push the big and difficult projects back just a bit.  And before we know it, the end of the day approaches, the deadline looms and we start to sweat.

STOP.  Put the big thing first.  Or at least very early in your day.  Grab it, wrestle it to the ground, and get it done.  Take the outline and put meat on its bones, do the research, work the calculations, do the hard work. 

When you have, then it’s done or at least has been advanced significantly, you feel the pride of accomplishment, and the rest of your day goes smoothly and without all that pent up anxiety.


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