Randygram  – Keep Your Data Fresh

Whether you labor in the fertile fields of sales or the vast orchards of marketing, here is a ‘must-do’ that you really must do.

Keep your data fresh.  All of it.  You use contact lists, vendor lists, client lists and other databases with names and positions and addresses and contact information all the time.  But do you ever check to see if someone on that list has relocated? Has been promoted? Has left the firm?  Has a new email contact? Good luck making a sale or finding the right decision maker to pitch your products or services if that person is no longer in the same position they were a year ago. Or have just gotten married and changed their last name.

And do you know if a client company has been merged or acquired or just changed its name for grins?  What if they have sold off the division you were used to dealing with?  Or have launched an entirely new line of services or products?  Your out of date mail or email will get nobody’s attention.  I can just hear someone muttering:  “If she doesn’t even know who we are, why would we do business with her.”

And it is not just people, but other important information that must be up to date.  Are you using the most current sales data for your prospects?  For your own company as you evaluate the competition? For the sector of the industry, you operate in?  Are there new sources of information that have become available only recently? Don’t know?  Better find out.

The best companies and organizations have processes which store such data with a “current as of” date or are fed by sources that always display the most current available information as a default setting.  Some systems can be programmed to send an alert to key people when new or updated information is integrated.  And if your organization is large enough to have good administrative resources, this essential process of continuous refreshing vital information should be a priority for them.

All the terabytes of data in all the databases will be of no value if it is old and stale. And the sizeable investment to acquire and sort and store it will have been wasted.

Don’t go into battle until you know with certainty that you have good information about your firm, your industry, your competition as well as your clients and prospects.


UPDATE JAN 2018:  I recently have received several emails from someone looking for an appointment with me to present a new promotional item.  And they are sending them to my personal address, which I do not appreciate.  I ignored the first two and finally decided to respond to the latest arrival, plainly stating my lack of interest.  Here’s the thing.  They are mounting this campaign by targeting an airline I retired from nine years ago – just before it was it was sold and renamed!  Let me say one more time:  “Keep Your Data Fresh”.


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