RANDYGRAM – ATTA BOY! and ATTA GIRL! I am willing to bet that like me, you are quick to criticize and a bit slower to compliment.  That is true for most people.  But it is something we should all work to overcome. There is nothing wrong with making constructive critical remarks, but they are best delivered […]

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RANDYGRAM – BE PREPARED You do not need to have been a Boy Scout to take this simple advice to heart.  If you are running from one appointment to another or dashing from lunch to a sales call or perhaps chatting on the phone to Mom or a friend about dinner plans five minutes before a presentation […]

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RANDYGRAM  – PUBLISH AND PERISH; PERHAPS In academia, professors are encouraged to write books, research, articles and to participate in seminars to build their reputation and gain attention for their respective institutions.  The cry is:  “Publish or Perish”  But out here in the real world, as you can see from the title, it may be […]



RANDYGRAM – TURN LEFT It is clear that we must often pause and look closely at how we conduct our business and sometimes challenge the status quo in order to thrive.  Redefining the work we do and opening ourselves up to new uses of existing and limited resources is critical. To personalize this concept, let […]

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RANDYGRAM – PERSISTENCE   Good sales people are not shy and they don’t simply go away when they hear “No”.  In sales we understand that we should not accept rejection the first time we hear it.  It is highly likely that it is one or two elements of our proposal that don’t fit.  Find out […]



RANDYGRAM – ARE YOU READY? A little preparation goes a long way.  Sure you have all your figures and data.  But that’s not enough.  It is essential that anyone in sales understand what may be happening on the other side of the table. Before you visit a prospect or a customer, be sure you know […]

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